Why Categorize Tweets?

It gives individuals easy access to a politician's current thoughts on trending issues, category by category.

How Does It Work?

The app's proprietary algorithm scans the Twitter timelines of politicians (and VIPs) and sorts qualifying tweets into 9 key categories: Economy, Gun Laws, National Security, Race Relations, Immigration, Education, LGBTQ, Healthcare and Climate Change.
Users can then click on each category to read the actual tweets.

How Far Back Does the Algorithm Scan?

The proprietary algorithm scans a politician's most recent tweets and identifies tweets that are about a specific issue. We're currently displaying tweets posted within the past month.
Categorized Tweets began storing tweets in Fall 2018 and will launch a new feature that allows users to review a politician's categorized tweets within a specific time period and also compare tweets across time periods.

How Should I Interpret the Results?

Categorized Tweets is an extremely useful app when determining which issues a politician (or influencer) is prioritizing during any given time and their stance on these very important topics.
Categorized Tweets should give you a bird's-eye view of which issues are trending, and also a grassroots understanding of how your representatives -- or candidates vying to be your representative -- are weighing in on topics that impact your life.
Check back in often to get up to speed on which issues are trending and the different perspectives that are forming around a topic. This is a wonderful app for a prospective voter, a student who wants to understand the different sides of a political debate, or someone heading to a work dinner who needs a quick summary of current events.

Is It Perfect?

Nearly. The algorithm is pretty spot on with regard to detecting if a tweet is about a specific issue, but at times, a tweet may contain elements that erroneously connects it to a particular issue. That happens every now and then, but not terribly often.

What Does it Mean If My Politician Doesn't Have an Official Twitter Account?

Politician results yielded from an address or zipcode search should contain Twitter handles that are tethered to their legislative office. These official Twitter accounts are taxpayer-funded accounts, and not campaign or personal accounts. If the politician does not have an official Twitter account, as described above, we'll make mention of it.

My Rep Has an Official Twitter Account, But Categorized Tweets Says Otherwise...

No problem. Tweet or e-mail us the Twitter handle and we'll update our database if we find that the Twitter account is indeed valid.

Why Doesn't My Zipcode Search Yield All of my US Legislators?

Some zipcodes overlap multiple congressional districts and thus those searches will not yield legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives. It will yield members in the U.S. Senate, however, since those are state-wide offices.
NEW FEATURE: You can now use an address to search for your reps! That kind of location-specific search will yield all of your representatives in Congress as well as state and local officials too.

Can I see the categorized tweets of the candidates whom are challenging my representatives in an upcoming election?

NEW FEATURE: Yes! If the data is available programatically, Categorized Tweets will give you access to the categorized tweets of all the candidates whom you'll be choosing between in an upcoming election.
Click here to see how Categorized Tweets helped thousands of people who voted in the 2018 U.S. Midterm elections.

Is the App Affiliated With a Particular Political Organization?

Nope. We're non-partisan.

Who's Behind It?

Moi. I'm Diana Eromosele –-the CEO and Founding Software Engineer of Categorized.io. During my time in an accelerated software-engineering course, I came up with this idea of developing a feature that would categorize political tweets. I immediately went to work as the back-end developer creating the algorithm and engineering the functionality.
I decided to build this app around that feature, aptly titled Categorized Tweets. I made the algorithm even better; introduced new functionality like enabling users to search for their federal, state and local representatives using a zipcode or address; and, a recent feature gave thousands of voters access to the categorized tweets of the candidates running in the 2018 U.S. midterm elections.
I'm continuing to build and flesh out new features for Categorized Tweets as the app's lone software engineer. It's been such joy responding to requests from users all over the country. I also work full-time as an engineer at a tech company in New York City.
Teaching people how to code is another passion of mine: Check out my public Instagram page: dianateachescode. There, I introduce basic software-engineering concepts to people who have no idea what code is.

How Can I Help Keep This App Up and Running?

The more Categorized Tweets is used, the larger the database grows and the more it costs to keep the server equally as robust. If you so choose, feel free to donate however much you'd like via PayPal. Thank you in advance for ensuring a more informed electorate.

What's next?

So much more. This app is in the beta stage--with a ton of features on deck. It is my belief that all voters in every country should have access to the categorized tweets of every candidate listed on a ballot. Stay tuned...